The Trigger Wand is a specialized device designed for internal release of all regions of the posterior pelvic floor muscles.

These posterior muscles are often responsible for both coccyx/tailbone and rectal pain syndromes that are associated with: Sitting, defecation, sexual penetration, pre-erectile pain, post-erectile pain, and ejaculatory pain.

In addition to the internal operator muscles the Trigger Wand can reach the transverse perineal, pubo, vaginalis, and all three components of the levator ani muscle plus the coccygeus and indirectly the piriformis muscles.

This device’s design meets the challenges faced when releasing these muscles through the rectum by having two release ends that are small in diameter and shaped in such a way that they easily pass through the sphincter. The shape and length of the Trigger Wand handle allows the individual to create just enough release force without the risk of slipping too deep, too fast and without placing too much physical strain on the spine.

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